We say what we do and do what we say

At Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd) we offer our stock transfer and registrar services to companies of all sizes. We have worked with both public and private companies and organisations in the past and can help with companies looking to transition from being privately owned to publicly owned.

At Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd), we recognise that rewarding client relationships are built on mutual collaboration and an understanding of the goals, motivations and ideas of both sides.

Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd) provides a wealth of products and services to deliver the equity plan requirements of businesses worldwide.

Our clients, both local and worldwide, range in size from small businesses to those listed on major stock markets internationally. We provide a wide variety of transactions each year.

Your meeting may be the one chance each year that your organisation has to clearly define your aims and ambitions and make that lasting impression, on a personal basis, on those who impact your company’s future and direction.