At EPD, we recognise that rewarding client relationships are built on mutual collaboration and an understanding of the goals, motivations and ideas of both sides.

We follow a synergetic approach and offer tailor made solutions to service clients’ individual, differing needs and requirements. Aside from our use of the best available technology, our Escrow and Corporate Trust Services are built on a wealth of practical experience and are always client centric.

New methods of financing are being developed all the time. Here at Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd) we have the ability to adapt and respond to these dynamic requirements.

Escrow services

We continue to be an ethical and independent neutral party, offering escrow services to both public and private companies, individuals and organisations.

As an escrow agent, we hold cash, securities, documents and other assets in line with your pre-agreed terms. We have the experience to conduct all types of escrow situations, regardless of intricacy, and make sure that these arrangements are consistently harmonised with any other services you need.

Our escrow services include:

  • Regulatory Escrow
  • Securities Escrow
  • Cash Escrow

Some of the other solutions we provide include:

  • Bankruptcy trusteeships
  • Asset-backed securities
  • Exchange trusts
  • Voting trusts
  • Collateral or security agencies

Our experienced team is accustomed to dealing with the technical and juridical aspects of debt and fiduciary transactions. We have well-established alliances with industry leaders in all areas of corporate trusts. Our wide array of services will lighten the workload of your finance and treasury.

Other benefits to clients:

  • Sector experts overseeing the trust and business structure of the financings, investments, cash flow, debt service requirements and compliance.
  • Integrated transactions with appropriate parties from the first documentation to the final maturity of the issue.
  • The management of disparate document covenants.
  • In-house reviews of documentation, saving time and cost.
  • A wide alliance of service providers incorporating a variety of issuer and investor requirements
  • Bilingual services and documentation

If the service that you require is not listed we can package together a bespoke solution for you. For further details or a free consultation about our services and solutions please contact us or write an email to