Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd) provides a wealth of products and services to deliver the equity plan requirements of businesses worldwide.

Stock Options

Lots of companies provide stock options as a way to reward key employees and other staff as a company grows or targets are achieved. Ordinarily offered to senior executives this plan grants stock at the strike price and are not taxable upon granting. We offer the management of records, admin support and much more.

Restricted Stock

RSU’s or Restricted Stock Units remain an appreciated part of equity remuneration packages. Other types of remuneration packages include PSU’s (Performance Share Units), the use of which has grown recently, DSU’s (Deferred Share Units), cash and stock-based SAR’s (Stock Appreciation Rights) and LTIP’s (Long Term Incentive Plans) amongst others.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

Giving your employees the chance to benefit through an ESPP is a great way to make them feel even more a part of the company, aside from their daily work, and are usually funded directly through payroll. There is opportunity to offer participants in your plan the following options:

  • Retirement Savings Plans (RSP)

    In this plan employees are unable to forfeit their holding. Some types of plans do have restrictions on the employer contributions but they are still considered as the property of the employee and cannot be forfeited.

    Cash put into an RSP is sheltered from tax which creates a tax break until the money is withdrawn and it is then subject to tax.

  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

    This type of plan benefits the participant as the income generated inside and gains or losses are not subject to tax.

    EPD offers complete management of your plans and gives you access to one of the most adjustable services available.

Employee Benefit Plans (EBP)

The main difference between EBP’s and ESPP’s is that the stock is purchased and owned by the company until distribution and contributions by employees are not allowed. Once the shares are distributed to the recipient, generally based on criteria such as seniority or performance, the stock then belongs to the recipient who is then liable for tax on the amount received.

If the service that you require is not listed we can package together a bespoke solution for you. For further details or a free consultation about our services and solutions please contact us or write an email to info@epdltd.org