Your meeting may be the one chance each year that your organisation has to clearly define your aims and ambitions and make that lasting impression, on a personal basis, on those who impact your company’s future and direction. Your shareholders, employees, clients, market commentators, suppliers, partner companies, and regulators will undoubtedly form a distinct impression as to how your company is being run based on the quality, organisation, and professionalism of your event. It is the perfect time to strengthen your company’s relationships with these groups and at Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd) we offer services which include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating the annual meeting
  • Coordination of mailings with your EDGAR agent
  • Assisting with broker search services
  • Serving as the Inspector of Election
  • Print, packaging and mailing services
  • Scrutineer services
  • Clear and straightforward billing
  • Proxy Solicitation services
  • Integrated Proxy recording and reporting
  • Corporate Governance services

If the service that you require is not listed we can package together a bespoke solution for you. For further details or a free consultation about our services and solutions please contact us or write an email to