Security Transfer Services

At Exclusive Portals Design Ltd (EPD Ltd) we offer our stock transfer and registrar services to companies of all sizes. We have worked with both public and private companies and organisations in the past and can help with companies looking to transition from being privately owned to publicly owned.

We maintain stock and security registers, issue, register, retire and cancel certificates, deal with the legal and unusual transfer processing and can design and print issuers logos and certificates in-house.

EPD’s corporate action and agent services provide all the expected services you could need. Whether your company is going through a merger, a takeover, stock splits, spin-offs or simply changing names we can assist you to make the process smooth and straightforward. We can provide stockholder mailing services and distribute shareholder reports if required.

We also offer a fully transparent, confidential and highly efficient escrow which maintains fairness to both sides of any agreement.

EPD provides additional services which may also be of use to your organisation or business.

Securities Issuing and Transfers

EPD is committed to the speedy and accurate transferring and issuing of securities and interacts as necessary with the broker, dealer, stockholder or issuer to smoothly effect the transaction.

Stock Certificate Printing

As a further way to reduce costs for issuers, we are able to design and print certificates in-house. This also allows for amendments and modifications to be made at short notice.

Proxy Services

EPD also acts as an efficient and diligent proxy when required. If there is a need for a corporate action which needs the approval of shareholders, we can deal with all stages, from setting a date for the meeting, printing and distribution of proxy information to the stockholders of record, counting and recording of votes and even acting as “Inspector of Elections”.

Corporate Actions

EPD expertly processes many types of corporate actions from M & A to splits, name changes, spin-offs and alterations to management. Naturally, we service our clients by mailing shareholders and distributing reports when requested.


EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – Wikipedia.

We offer a full filing solution for all companies and organisations needing to file with the SEC with no hidden costs. Generally, the turnaround time is under 48 hours although, in priority cases, our premium solutions can turn around filing in around an hour from receiving completed documentation.

Electronic Information and Records Retention

Our technologically advanced systems store complete, accurate and up to date details of all transactions made. All shareholder reports held are freely accessible and compliant with U.S. and international regulations in all jurisdictions that we transact. We are currently working on making these reports available through a secure login on our website.

If the service that you require is not listed we can package together a bespoke solution for you. For further details or a free consultation about our services and solutions please contact us or write an email to